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In an effort to ensure patient safety and minimise the risk of exposure amidst the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, please take note of the following measures to be followed by the practice

Scheduling precautions:

  • No face-to-face consultations will be scheduled with new or existing patients who:

    • have travelled abroad within the last 2 weeks; 

    • have been in contact with persons who have tested positive for the coronavirus within the last 2 weeks; or

    • currently presents with flu-like symptoms, regardless or possible exposure.

  • In above-mentioned cases, patients can instead request a consultation via Skype or telephone. 

  • Any patient who wish to self-quarantine  or avoid public places can voluntarily opt to attend consultations via Skype or telephone. Please ensure that you have access to a reliable internet connection and inform our reception of your Skype name in advance. Dave's Skype name is psych.dave

  • Whether appointments are scheduled by calling our reception, or via our website booking platform, please indicate if opting for an in-person, Skype or telephonic consultation.

Physical precautions:

  • All patients entering the practice premises are requested to make use of the disinfectant spray provided at the entrance and throughout the interior of the practice

  • Physical contact, e.g. handshakes will be avoided

  • All precautions are taken to ensure that materials, e.g. pens and clipboards, are disinfected after every use

  • Drinking water will no longer be available in the practice waiting room or the therapy room, and patients are requested to bring their own bottled water if needed

  • Step-by-step hand-washing instructions are available in the bathroom and patients are requested to make use of the suggested technique when washing hands while at the practice and at home

  • Cloth hand towels in bathrooms will be replaced with disposable paper towels

What to do if you present with suspected COVID-19 symptoms:

  • Do not immediately present yourself to your GP or hospital emergency room for testing

  • Instead, call the  South African COVID-19 Hotline on 080 002 9999. The Department of Health will send a health representative to your home for testing purposes

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